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Got something to launch?

LTI's Revolutionary Laser Propulsion Technology can reduce current low earth orbit launch costs by a factor of fifty. This will make us the lowest-cost provider of LEO launch services.

  • How can LTI reduce launch costs?
  • Launch cost comparisons

    Transportation Applications:

      Micro/Nano-satellite launch services
    • Nano-satellites: 1-10kg (current target)
    • Micro-satellites: 10-100kg (future target)
      • Global positioning
      • On-orbit inspection
      • Entertainment
      • Telecommunications
      • Environmental monitoring
      • Micro-gravity research
      Manned travel
    • Astronaut training to 30K feet
    • Trips to the moon and around the world
      Parcel delivery around the globe

    An example application of LTI technology:

    • LTI can launch large numbers of LEO satellites (constellations) to enable ventures like “Internet in the sky”.
    • LTI prices will be low enough to de-orbit and replace constellations when satellite electronics become obsolete (every few years).